What is AMC?

We are first and foremost invested in you! The consumer, the customer, the individual that wants to live longer and vape to help yourself. We believe in helping the community, not just the vape community although that is where our heart lies, but also our wider communities too.

Why Our Mechanical Devices?

If you're reading this then you've already liked or  fallen in love with The Haka Mod, however we're a new company and sometimes that can make us as consumers, hesitant. We understand this and we want you to feel assured that all of our mechanical devices are individually checked from top to bottom, as well as being hand polished by Acapella Harrison before being test fired and sent out via special delivery. We don't want to just sell every device, instead we want to sell a device to someone who is both experienced and comfortable using Hybrid 510, constant contact, 21700 compatible mechanical devices.

So we welcome you as a customer safe in the knowledge that we do everything to ensure a quality device and you are fully aware of the safety parameters required.


AMC was created out of passion and prides itself on our values.

Always share kindness like it's water in the hopes that one day your  kindness will spread like an ocean.

Loyalty is fleeting in the expanse that is time, but loyalty is still valuable to the pure of heart.

ADAPT & RISE is our mantra and it holds value too. In Life we come upon many challenges, some that can nearly break us, others that can help to make our future brighter. No matter the fortune always Adapt and Rise with the occasion, one day it'll be too late